Overcoming the distance
There are ongoing disputes about the efficiency of distributed teams in which we support the idea that it is possible to achieve great results.
Due to the spread of COVID-19, many companies had to urgently solve the problems related to the quarantine measures, the solution to which is telecommuting. For some companies, it's a new reality while others won't notice a difference as they have long been taking advantage of distributed teams all over the world. The first inevitably face problems and this article aims to help them overcome difficulties.
1. PROBLEM: Ineffective communication between co-workers and lack of transparency in work
– Create a team chat (if you still haven't) where everyone writes at the beginning and at the end of each workday what he plans to do / has done and the blockers he meets to discuss problems and find solutions together.
– Use video conferences to make sure everyone is engaged. It provides the benefits of visuals aids improving communication and increasing productivity. Also, you can spend 5 minutes at the beginning of a video call with your co-workers just to talk as you usually do in the office. We are all people and we need to compensate lack of live communication.
2. Problem:
Unorganized and inefficient workflow and a large number of distractions
– Make sure that everyone in your team knows how to establish an effective workflow. We wrote pieces of advice that you can share with your colleagues.
• Organize your workplace: a bed is for sleeping, a kitchen is for eating, a workplace is for working. If you don't have a work table, temporarily turn a kitchen table into it.

• Take care of what you sit on. If you don't make yourself comfortable, the discomfort will disrupt your work. An office chair is the best option even if you have to get if from the office.

• Get into a working rhythm. At first, you can start with a collective meeting every morning so you understand that everybody got accustomed.

• Organize your working day. Don't mix your household chores and work.

• Explain to your friends and family that you are WORKING. Even if you got distracted by funny pictures while your code is compiling or anything else – you are working. If you won't make it clear, you can't focus on your work. Later, once you get used to it and become more flexible, you can let yourself more. However, to start you can even wear working clothes.

• Eating on schedule. Don't waste your time on tea and biscuits every 15 minutes. Make it a reward for the work done.

• Stay focused. Leave series, films, games, messengers for weekends. During working hours you'd better eliminate distractions.

• You can play some background music in your headphones, set a task and determine what is its end. Don't leave your workplace, until you get this done.
At Roowix we've been building distributed teams for more than 10 years and have gained unique experience. Do you think that telecommuting is a practical solution to your business? If you still don't practice it, we are ready to help you to establish the process.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!